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Thread: include vbscript in jscript document

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    Question include vbscript in jscript document

    I have a jscript document that was written by someone else and I am tweaking it just a little bit. Everything's fine, except that I need to run a variable through a few functions in an included vbscript file. Rather than convert one or the other files to be jscript or vbscript, I'd like these two to work together. Now, I get jscript errors pointing to the included file. How do I include the vbscript on my jscript file and have it work?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Okay, I'm going to update this posting a little to see if I get any bites. I have made the page in question a standard VBScript page, blocking out the jscript code with <script language="JScript" runat="Server"> opening and closing tags. This essentially covers the entire page. About midway down the page I have a function that calls upon the vbscript include file. When I run the page now, I get an Object Expected error.

    If I split up the code, so that there are blocks of Jscript <script> code on either side of where the vbscript code calls the include function, nothing gets passed from the jscript code to the vbscript code (and then back to the jscript code). In other words, I have a string variable that originates in the jscript block, then must go to the vbscript include file, and then come back and do something else in the jscript block. Right now, nothing's getting passed between the different <script> blocks.


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    Don't know if you want to go this route, but far as I know this is how it is done.


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