Hi Expert

I am using Access Database.

I have a Customer tables, fields name and data:

Customer Code Customer Name
A001 A Company
C001 C Company

I have create a Form with the Drop Down Option Box for Customer Code and Customer Name using ASP Script.

First Problems:
- Before the user click the Option Box, I want the Option Box show

"----Please select Customer Code -----"

How to do it?

Second Problems:
- After the user select the Customer Code in the Customer Code Option Box, I want the Customer Name also automatically appear after the selection.

When the user select C001, the Customer Name "C Company" automatically appear on the Customer Code Option Box. If the User change to A001, the Customer Name "A Company" show.

In Access Programming, it can be done by "After Update Method".

Please advice any help using ASP Script or Java Script to perform the above.

Many Thanks in Advance

Jack Lim