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Thread: Sessions Logging

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    Sessions Logging

    What I am hoping to collect is info about the visitors to
    a protected section of my company's web site. We want to
    record into an Access database what pages were seen by
    our customers and how often they've viewed them, thereby
    confirming how often the content we've offered is being
    seen. From what I've been able to dig up on various web
    resource sites, I know global.asa will be used, but my
    question is about what code provides for the recordation
    of the data into the Access database? If there's an ASP
    website I've missed offering tutorials/suggestions on
    this, I will gladly direct my attention there. Thanks.

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    you use the global.asa file to create a sessionID for the user. Then on every page had some code like this:

    	dataDB.Execute "insert into tblPageViews (RecordID, PageVisited, WhenVisited) values (" _ 
    	& Session("RecordID") & ", 'Home Page', '" & Now() & "')"
    Hope this helps

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