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Thread: Linking a registration page to a database

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    Linking a registration page to a database

    Hey guys,

    im a bit of a dreamweaver noob but i was wondering if someone here could help me out ... im actually building a website with a registration page for a class project ... the page is very simple with the user just having to enter their name, email adress and have the option of selecting a couple checkboxes of interest ... the problem is how can i link this to a database where watever information the user enters will be stored ... any help will be much appreciated ... thank you.

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    PHP / Mysql is a very popular combination

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    Thanks but the problem is, i dont know scratch about linking a registration page to a database and we are required to learn how to do the same for this project ... i want to make it as simple as possible like having the entered information saved automatically in excel or access

    ne idea of a website which will have a step by step of how to do the same
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