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    Question Template saving question

    Ok... I have finally figured out how to do everything else on my website, with a lot of thanks to those of you who helped me, but now I have a problem with saving my template. I know I have to save my html page that I have been working on as a template. BUT... when I save it it messes up my links to all my slices. I'm having to relink all my images. Also, it will only let me save my template to a certain folder otherwise it won't let me apply the template to a new html page. How can I save my template and prevent myself from having to relink it and so that I can save it in the folder I want to?

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    I am having a similar problem wiht layers,everytime i save the file after laying some textboxes over jpegs,then when i view as an html document or a real time html editor...it does now show the jpegs....

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    Under site managment, what is the setting for "links relative to"
    you can select either root or document. I use document. Maybe that will help

    I would recommend leaving the template in the template folder. I keep all my working files (images being edited, master images, and any other media used to to build the site.) in the template folder. Since I am usually working on 3 or 4 sites, this keeps all the material for a particular site easy to find.

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