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Thread: combine 4 queries into one

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    combine 4 queries into one

    hi friends,

    it should be simple though but i dont know how to do it...

    i have the following 4 queries:

    select pk_id as touristplaces from city_tourist_places ctp where ctp.city_id=2

    select cti.pk_id as traininfo from city_train_info cti where cti.city_id=2

    select cfi.pk_id as flightinfo from city_flight_info cfi where cfi.city_id=2

    select restaurant_id as restaurant from city_restaurant cr where cr.city_id=2

    i want to write only one single query.

    im only checking if a record exist for the specific city_id in all the above queries, please note city_id is exist in all tables.

    im using mysql 4.1.12.


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    use the union keyword.
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