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Thread: sql error

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    sql error

    what does that mean? tis hows upwhen i log into phpmyadmin, but everything seems to be working fine.

    SQL query:

    SELECT label, id
    FROM `__DBNAME__`.`PMA_bookmark`
    WHERE dbase = 'Customer'
    AND (

    user = ' ' //username was between the single quotes
    OR user = ''
    ORDER BY label
    MySQL said:

    #1146 - Table '__DBNAME__.PMA_bookmark' doesn't exist

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    I don't believe FROM database.table is valid. The database is normally selected first via USE (or appropriate function within a script/program, such as mysql_select_db() in MySQL).
    USE `__DBNAME__`;
    SELECT `label`, `id` FROM `PMA_bookmark` . . .
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    my above post is nothing that i ahve made, it is an error that keeps showing up that does not ahving to do with anything that i know about, nor did i try to craete, update, change, or haave anything to do with a PMA_bookmark?

    i am really confused lol

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    this should be a variable


    looks like someone might have changed the config to not use the variable, for some reason. shouldn't have `` around it.
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    This problem can be solved if..

    1) You go to the directory where you had Yahoo! install phpmyadmin
    2) Find the file called "config.inc.php"
    3) Find the line that starts with "$cfg['Servers'][$i]['pmadb']"
    4) Change '__DBNAME__' to 'phpmyadmin'


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