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Thread: Stumper(selling access on a site)

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    Question Stumper(selling access on a site)

    I was wondering if anyone knew any site, or software, or anyway i could sell (on my site) access to a server where i have files that they can download... I have a graphics site and i was interested in selling some layouts and designs...


    If you have any answers, or any help at all, please reply, thanks

    RawLIMIT >//> RawFX.com

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    May I make the suggestion that before you sell any more layouts you make sure you include a Doctype and a charencoding on your page as well as check the code in the W3C validator for errors.

    // Stefan Huszics

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    Originally posted by Stefan
    ...make sure you include a Doctype...
    I looked at RawLimit's code, and noticed that he has used FrontPage. I don't use FrontPage myself, but I've seen several sites made in that program, and none of them had a doctype! How come FrontPage doesn't add a doctype? (apart from the fact that it's made by Microsoft who obviously don't know HTML...) Hm...maybe I just answered my own question...

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