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Thread: Problem with Dynamic field name. Thanks

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    Problem with Dynamic field name. Thanks


    Here is the problem I am currently having.

    I have a javascrit function that when adding to the shopping it updates a layer in the HTML with a page of the shopping cart. In the querystring is the quantity that needs to be added. The quantity is there from a from field. Please look at the following page to see an example.

    The problem is that when adding to the shopping cart, it does not pass the value in the quantity field to the left of it, it is sending undefined instead. The page it is supposed to be updating is to the right of it (where the shopping cart summary is)

    Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I have exausted all different variations of the code.

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    function addToCart(sfound){
    surl = 'cart_action.asp?add=1&item_id='+sfound+'&qty=' + document.add.sfound.value;
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    Thank for the reply... Doesn't work though


    I was away for a few days and was happy to see that I received a response to my question. I went ahead and tried the code that was given by Dave Clark. To my despair, it did not work. Please look at the page again and let me know what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you again for all your help.

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    If you look at the code, I gave the field a name.


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