I dont know if this is the right place to post this or not, so if its not the admins are welcome to move it.

I have a general knowledge of simple web page design. I met a guy online who is awesome at building sites with databases and such. Well he is no longer available and i would like to continue to maintain the sites we built.

This maintenance would include additional work to the db, new pages and such. But i dont have a clue how it works.

The DB is built with Access 2000 and i also would like an access interface that i can use offline that i can upload to the web when im done.

If anyone is interested in teaching me or helping in a long term situation i would love the help. These site are non profit site so they dont pay much, thats why i would like to do the stuff on my own. But i am willing to pay for the knowlege. Email me at jjmcintyre@valueitnow.com or PM me here.