hello All,

I'm a newbie.. er newby when it comes to php. sql etc.

I am presently using a oscommerce shopping cart. I loaded a contribution called customer add product. I loaded it up and everything seems to work fine. All except for the images will not upload. I've attemted to make little changes here and there and have been searching for answers as to why,
but nothing. The contribution does work for other people.. so I am so confussed at what to do right now. I don't know what is causing the problem or how to turn it around.

The images are suposed to load in a shop/images/thumb folder with permision set on 777 I have that and it still doesnt work.

Im wondering if I am missing something either in sql or my root folder which enables this. Am I suposed to have an upload_image.php like the one your describing here? I've completed a search in my folders and I don't seem to have one. atleast not by the same name. Could I load these files into the oscommerce cart? Would it make a differnce or crash it?

MY head is so fried Im not even sure what I should be asking.
Just any information about sql , php and image uploading might boot me in the proper direction.

If anyone wanted to take a look at the site before I destroy it completly
Login test@test.com
password 123456