Hello All,

Iím trying to programmatically log into a web site.
In-other-words, I would like to build an application/applet/script (whatever) so that when itís executed it uses my username & password to log into a web server and then allow me to perform searches and display the results (currently this is possible by loggin through a web browser).

I have experience with c++, Java, perl and a little javascript. I wouldn't mind trying C# if it will get me to where I want to go.

I have tried the Java.net package (URL & sockets) with no success.

ray326 suggested I try java.net.HttpURLConnection and place a post here for help. I now have some java code running using HttpURLConnection but I still can't login through my java application.

I'm also playing with PHP right now to see if I can get what I need.

Please understand I'm trying to not put any code on the server, at this point Iím trying to work through the ďnormalĒ webtop interface (not around it).

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

p.s. please feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong area.