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Thread: Dreamweaver Photo Album

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    Dreamweaver Photo Album


    I have recently started using the photo album feature in Dreamweaver and successfully created several photo albums.
    I manage the site with my friend who uploads via ftp.
    When i have created the photo album, is it possible to copy pictures via ftp into the images folder, and their thumbnails into the thumbnails folder, so they can appear on the photo album. i have tried it but it hasn't worked.
    does the buildPhotoAlbum.jsf have to be run again or the code changed.
    is there any way of uploading to a gallery via ftp, preferably without using php/ asp as i only know html.

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    as long as everything says within the same level:

    e.g index.htm is in folder called gallery the images will and thubs are then in gallery/images

    if you move the images from the images folder in the gallery folder all of the routes for the images will be wrong

    e.g index.htm is in /gallery and the images are in /images (not in gallery/images) this would mean you woudl have to change all of the image routes to ../images/ rather than just images/

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