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Thread: Dreamweaver 8 and tables help

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    Question Dreamweaver 8 and tables help

    Hi all i am using dreamwaver 8 trial version and i would like to know how i can make a webpage within a table or cel, does anybody here use dreamweaver 8 and can tell me how to do this, thanks for your help it is most apreciated.

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    First off, answer these questions.
    -Why do you want to design this webpage?
    -How much time are you willing to put into it?
    -Do you know HTML already?

    You don't want to use tables to design your websites. CSS is "in" now.
    you also don't need advanced software to design a website- although it sometimes helps.
    This is where you can find one of the best programs for website development:
    Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

    Oh, and welcome to Webdeveloper

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    Yup, don't bother with tables for layout, for CSS is easier and better for your visitors.
    Notepad is a million times better than any WYSIWYG for many reasons but you might well want something to help you along the way such as Chami's HTML-Kit that has all the wonders of Dreamweavers "code view" but without all the crap.

    Good luck.

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    Amen to that.


    Here's a little thing I thought of yesterday...
    webpages are like baked goods. HTML is flour and water. Use only HTML, you get hard tack. CSS is sugar and spices. Use HTML and CSS together, you could end up with a beautiful, tasty chocolate cake.

    The purpose of CSS is simple.
    By separating markup from design, websites are easier and faster to make.
    HTML (hard tack) is hard for your viewers to chew, while a CSS chocolate cake is soft and yummy.

    Let me ask you this. Would you rather make hard tack or chocolate cake?
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