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Thread: resizing a image

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    resizing a image

    Hi, I need to know if it is possible ot resize a image in asp and if any1 has the line of code for it that would be great. I dont want the actual image file to be resized just the image that I am displaying.

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    Why don't you just use the <image height="" width=""> format?
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    Here is the solution

    Following set of code gets the width and height of an image dynamically and also calculates the desired dimention proportionately.

    GetJpegDims-> Displays the Height and Width of an image dynamically
    resizeGraphic -> Resizes the height and proportionately, you need to provide the max and min height and widths


    dim lngHeight
    dim lngWidth
    dim displayHeight
    dim displayWidth
    dim strFileName
    strFileName = "sample.jpg"
    GetJpegDims strFileName ,lngHeight,lngWidth
    call resizeGraphic

    Sub GetJpegDims(ByVal strFileName, ByRef lngHeight, ByRef lngWidth)
    'on error resume next
    Dim stmFile
    set stmFile = server.createobject("ADODB.Stream")
    Dim bytArr(256)
    dim byt
    Dim intPos
    With stmFile
    .Type = adTypeBinary
    .LoadFromFile strFileName
    .Position = 0

    for intPos = 0 to 255
    .position = intpos
    bytArr(intPos) = ascb(.Read(1))
    End With
    Set stmFile = Nothing

    For intPos = 0 To 255
    If bytArr(intPos) = &HFF And bytArr(intPos + 1) >= &HC0 _
    And bytArr(intPos + 1) <= &HCF Then
    lngHeight = bytArr(intPos + 5) * 256 + bytArr(intPos + 6)
    lngWidth = bytArr(intPos + 7) * 256 + bytArr(intPos + 8)
    Exit For
    End If
    End Sub

    Sub resizeGraphic
    'Flag used to see if the image didn't conform to our required dimension limits
    dim blnBadSize

    '*** Predefined Image Limits
    '*** Maximums
    maximumHeight = 480
    maximumWidth = 250

    '*** Minimums
    minimumHeight = 100
    minimumWidth = 100

    '*** Dimensions used to display the image
    displayHeight = lngHeight
    displayWidth = lngWidth

    '*** Check to see if the image is too large and resize it proportionately if it is

    If displayWidth > maximumWidth Then
    displayHeight = displayHeight * maximumWidth / displayWidth
    displayWidth = maximumWidth
    blnBadSize = True
    End If

    If displayHeight > maximumHeight Then
    displayWidth = displayWidth * maximumHeight / displayHeight
    displayHeight = maximumHeight
    blnBadSize = True
    End If

    If displayWidth < minimumWidth or displayHeight < minimumHeight Then
    '*** The image is too small but we will display it at its current size
    blnBadSize = True
    End If

    End Sub


    in the html use this

    <img src="sample.jpg" width="<%=displayWidth%>" height="<%=displayHeight%>">

    Hope this solves ur prob


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    Why don't you just use the <image height="" width=""> format?
    I agree and you can even just set just the height or just the width and let the image retain its original proportions:

    <img src="myimage.gif" height="50">
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