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    visit our communities page

    I am the web designer/developer for a retirement comminity and am in need of some advice. I have been asked to create a page that showcases the various retirement communities that the company offers, they want 'pizzazzz' but I'm very technical (not so much creative) and am stuck on how to make it 'pretty' I'm hoping someone here has some samples where I could get ideas from. the site is to have 11 snapshots of the 11 comminities along with a map of OHIO where their locations are shown. This: http://www.oprs.org/communities/main...on=Communities
    is what they currently have but they want to be more 'Internet friendly' and want to add 'flare'.... Thanks for any help I can get
    I have at my disposal, photoshop and imageready, i know NO flash, just asp.net.

    Thanks again. Karina
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    Personally, I think the site looks good aready. It is easy to navigate. The color scheme is pleasant. Unless they want to add flash to 'spice' it up they should leave the site alone.


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