Hello guys..just a quick question for you all, would be very greatfull for any suggestions...

Just built a site and now looking for a host,

Nothing fancy, about 15 pages with a simple contact form being the most techical part..
What i am looking for is a host with a email address and auto-respondrer set up so reply to submitted info on the form, nothing more fancy than that really..oh and its gotta be a reliable host..

Who would you suggest going to, i just know there are loads out there but with my luck which ever one i chose will probably let me down..

thanks for any input

Oh and one more thing, if i chose a host and gradually build up the sites presence on the web and it starts to get noticed if i ever change host will i have to start submitting to search engines again?? or does it somehow keep its status in the engines (obviously i wont be changing the domain name)....?