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Thread: Validating Fields from a HTML form using ASP before writing form data to a database

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    Validating Fields from a HTML form using ASP before writing form data to a database

    Can anyone give me any guidelines on validating data in a HTML form?

    I need to validate that the fields are not empty, that certain fields only contain numbers, cetrtain fields only contain letters, and that one field only contains a date value.

    I want to do this in ASP befor the information from the form is used to create an SQL statment which is going to be used to insert the data into an access database.

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    Here are some interesting server-side validation links:

    Server-Side Form Validation by Dianna Leech

    An Email Validation Routine by Joćo Vieira
    Somewhat shorter.

    An Email Validation Script by Ben Durbin

    Form Handler: Some light form validation and error notification.
    Uses function to loop thru all fields in a form.

    And here are some interesting client-side validation links:

    Javascript Field Validations -- Client Side Scripting by Nannette Thacker

    Form Validation Using Javascript
    Good tips such as saving JavaScript functions in a file called DataValidation.js and including this in pages that need this.
    JavaScript functions.

    WebDaily: Your daily source for Web Technology Tips and Tricks!
    Just checks if fields filled in.
    J. Paul Schmidt
    www.Bullschmidt.com - Freelance Web and Database Developer
    www.Bullschmidt.com/DevTip.asp - Classic ASP Design Tips

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