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Thread: [Newbie] Java/JScript translation request

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    Unhappy [Newbie] Java/JScript translation request

    EDIT: I should add that I fully understand the difference between java and javascript but I was under the impression that the object metaphor was something pretty standard.

    Newbie here. I'm coming MAX/MSP-->JavaScript-->Java now on xcode.

    I picked up JS almost instantly. java is really hurting my brain!. I'm in a class(to slow) and I tried the ORLY book (confusing as heck)...

    Can someone give me some metaphors between JavaScript and Java (in terms of OOP stuff) just to help me adapt? I posted a similar question when going from max to javascript and it REALLY helped.

    [jscript]functions don't seem to equate well with [java]classes. methods either. assigning methods to classes seems to be totally different. in fact objects seem to be almost totally traded for classes...

    is this the same object oriented programming I was working with before?
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