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Thread: How to identify the field type in javascript

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    How to identify the field type in javascript

    Hi all,
    I am getting all the field name in the form and i am passing the fieldname to the javascript function in order to validate the fields.In the function i am checking each value based on the type.
    var a =document.forms[0].fname.value
    for(i=0;i<a.length;i++) {
    alert("the field type is a text") //working fine
    alert("the field type is select one") //working fine
    alert("the field type is select multiple") //working fine
    alert("the field type is radio") //this is not working fine

    I think for radio type,checkbox i should check as

    but i don't how to check with my code
    Could anyone say how to check for the field type for radio button or could anyone say how to check if the field type is a single /multiple

    Thanks in advance
    paula j
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