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Thread: Cannot get Links to Work

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    Cannot get Links to Work

    I am trying to link an ArcMap project to my intranet page. When I link a flash button to the .mxd file I am given a open or save option when the button is pressed. If I choose open ArcMap does not start and the map does not open. But if I choose save then I can choose to save the object to my desktop and the project opens fine.
    If I type the file location directly into my navigation bar in IE ArcMap starts and the project opens.
    I was told to use an absolute link but it still is not working.
    I'm not sure whether I put the proper code in.

    Here's the code:
    <br />
    <a href="\\mnrpredfdt00010\ewhiteboard2v1.07 data\quickbird\deer_lake.mxd">Deer Lake</a>

    Any input?

    Thank you.

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    using FORWARD slashes ("//") instead of BACKSLASHES ("\\")


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    I'll give it a try on Monday.

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