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Thread: Domain name, external dns servers and web server with directory names. Problem?

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    Domain name, external dns servers and web server with directory names. Problem?

    Ok, I try to explain what my problem is. I hope someone can find out what I'm trying to say.

    1. I have www-server with only ip name:
    2. The pages I need domain for are in a directory, like
    3. I have forums etc under my user name,
    4. I have a domain name (referrin as www.domain.com)
    5. I have external dns-servers

    Is it somehow possible to use my domain name with DNS or such, so it would point www.domain.com to - currently I am able to point only direct ip and I would have to use the web page with www.domain.com/user ... Also forum would be www.domain.com/user/forum

    Instead I would like it to point www.domain.com to so it would show up to the browser just as www.domain.com. The forums would be located www.domain.com/forum OR most preferably forum.domain.com (I can register as many subdomains as I like).

    Is this possible and how can it be done? Not with A-name records, I presume? Framed URL redirection would be easiest way, but because of cookies and IE not allowing cookies from third party sites this is not an option. Also, I would like to see the rest of url's too (example: forum.domain.com/post.php?what.ever.here.is)

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    You would have to modify the server configuration to make the root /user/ rather than what it currently is

    You could set up a subdomain to be user.domain.com/forum or even forum.domain.com?

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    Yes, thanks.

    I was able to figure it out.

    What I had to do was I put c name aliases to the dns servers (forum.domain.com, www.domain.com) and domain.com pointed to the ip.

    Then I configuren my apache with virtual hosts pointing to the correct directories on the server.

    Seems to work fine now. It was my first time I ever configured a domain for my web server, so I can say I learned a lot.

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