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Thread: Useful and low-priced adm and dev tool for Oracle

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    Useful and low-priced adm and dev tool for Oracle


    We are glad to present for you the new useful administrative and developing tool - S.Q.Lap's SQL Assistant for Oracle
    (supporting versions - Oracle 8i/9i).
    Abilities of the application (version :
    1) SQL Editor allows execute SQL statements, scripts and PL/SQL blocks,preview the explain plan,
    export data to text and SQL*Loader control files, use code completion and query history for
    quick return to earlier executed statements.
    2) Schemas,Functions,Procedures,Packages,Tables,Indexes,Constraints,Views,Triggers creating and management.
    3) Security management (Roles,privileges, profiles).
    4) Sessions management, start/stop sessions tracing, and show results.
    5) Redologs and Tablespaces management.
    6) GUI-based interface for the Oracle Logminer, Oracle Import/Export utilities.
    You can download 20-days trial version of S.Q.Lap's SQL Assistant from http://www.bigupload.com/d=5CA1B0A1
    You can find detail description of application in the users manual (sqlapmanual.doc in ZIP-archive).
    If you interest, please write your questions and suggestions to sqlap2006@yahoo.com

    Thank you for attention,
    The S.Q.Lap's SQL Assistant
    Developers team.

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