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    Title - Value

    I have three questions, well it's really 6 but only 5 are important.

    #1 On page properties on the custom page there's "title" and "vaule", these are meta tags?? I'm confused about what title means, does title mean "the title of the page" or "the title of one key word". Example: is it, Title: Products page, and every key word that involves the content of the page? Or, Title: florist and then all the keywords directly related to Florist? Florist just being one title, and then furniture being a different title with it's own set of key words.

    #2 (#2 has 3 questions) As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't know html. I looked it up in the dictionary and it's not even a real word, so why mess with it right? lol

    I copy and paste everything in jpeg or gif, what's my disavantage of not knowing html and using the copy and paste method??

    Any suggestions about learning html?

    #3 When I preview my page in browser if I minimize, the text and graphics fall out of place. I've tried viewing others pages and some fall out of place and some do not, what's the difference between them?

    I know that I'm new and not very smart about web design, but please show me just a little kindness and respect by helping a newbie out. Thank you.
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    #1 Title is a metatag, indicating the title of the page, as seen at the top of the browser window when the visitor is viewing it on the Internet. It is also the title that is displayed if your site is displayed in a search engine's results.
    View http://kdla.ky.gov/onlinepubs/onepage/0605.htm for more information about metatags. (I wrote this for public libraries, but the info. still applies.)

    #2 HTML is short for Hypertext mark-up language
    Putting all your content into images makes your site invisible to search engines. They index pages according to readable text: they do not have the capability of reading text within an image.
    If you want to have a site that is cross-browser compliant and accessible to various connection speeds, you need to learn HTML before designing a webpage. I suggest you visit some of the W3C schools to learn about HTML. There are also many good tutorials online by other sources; Google the phrase "HTML tutorials" - that's the easiest way.

    #3 It has to do with the layout of your page: liquid vs. fixed. If you have a liquid layout, the design will collapse to accommodate the size of the window.


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