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Thread: Having trouble Opening image in a new window

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    Having trouble Opening image in a new window

    Hi there... I have a table with small images and when I mouseover them a bigger picture shows in another cell in the table. My code is working good for this. But I've tried to add code that if someone clicked on one of the smaller images that a specific bigger image would open in a new window without toolbars, addressbars, etc...... and be a certain size.

    You can view my sample here: http://www.mowbray.ca/~test/image.htm

    This sample just opens the picture into a new window... without the specifics that I'm going for.

    I had some code that worked by itself but when I mixed it with my javascript used here... the code wouldn't run.

    Any help will be much Appreciated.

    Thanks Craig

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    I think you want to open a new HTML doc with JS rather than view your jpg in a new window, as in

    function newWin(theDestPage)
    win=window.open(theDestPage, "", "height=600, width=700, toolbar=no, location=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes");

    Then you need in your smaller image tag:
    <img border="0" src="images/nature/pic/Nature-01.jpg" width="75" height="57" onmouseover =" doButtons('images/nature/text/nature-text-01.jpg', 'images/nature/pic/Nature-01.jpg')" onmouseout =" doButtons('images/nature/text/nature-text-01.jpg', 'images/nature/pic/Nature-01.jpg')" onClick="newWin(nature-01.htm)"></a>

    You obviously need to generate an html page for each large image. OR (dunno - haven't tried it) you could try onClick="newWin(nature-01.jpg)"


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    Thanks... works good. I open it as a *.jpg and it worked fine.

    Is it possible to change the Titlebar Title to a standard Title instead of the default?


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