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Thread: action listeners

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    action listeners

    Haven't been able to find an answer for this anywhere...
    is it possible to implement an actionlistener that listens for an event that takes place in another class?

    At the moment I have a class which creates a main window... from that main window the user clicks on a button which creates another window (whilst keeping the main one open). From here i want the main window to do something once a button is clicked on that second window. Have been given a few suggestions regarding abstract classes and threads but i'd rather avoid them if possible.

    Thanks guys and gals

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    how if you could have a reference to the parent window in the child and then in the child on an event just use the reference object for parent and do whatever u want to do?


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    That's what i thought but couldn't seem to get it working - couldn't get the reference to the parent class sorted. I'll have to have a closer look and see if can get the reference set up properly.

    Thanks for quick reply

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