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    Ok hey guys.
    I'm new to this forum so... go easy on me.
    Well, I'll get right to the point then.
    I am a myspace whore. But I find that designing my page using the layout designers isn't working the way i want it to work. I am also working in Dreamweaver in creating my own website. I need some help learning some HTML codes that will add cool effects and stuff to my page. For example, I see a lot of people with the "Comment Boxes" on their myspace. One of my friends said that she designed hers on her own using HTML. I was wondering if you guys could teach me how to do this and things similar to it, for cool effects and graphics and stuff. Thanks.
    If you want to go to my myspace and add me or anything, here is my URL:
    Thanks one more time.

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    Not knowing what you hope to achive, it's difficult to help. But HTML isn't for "cool effects" anyway, it's for describing document stucture and content. Use styles and scipting for "cool effects"

    In the case of comment boxes, that has even less to do with HTML and everything to do with either server-side scripting or third party services.

    For future reference: Your thread title isn't very practical, try to give desciptive thread titles.
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