Hello everyone.

I'm new to working with Tomcat or jsp and servlets. In my jsp file is a form which calls out to a servlet like so: <form name="order" action="/trial/Ecom/ChocServlet" method="POST"> ..and this is fairly common I spose.

The compiled class file lies beside the jsp file i.e. in tha SAME folder as the jsp file. But when I try to access it through the jsp page, it give me an error "The requested resource (/trial/Ecom/ChocServlet) is not available."

Do I have to do something like servlet mapping in the web.xml file? Is that whats wrong? I dont understand how to do this whole mapping thingie.. I have tried going through many many pages looking for how to fix this. And have tried searching through thi forum as well. Help on how to get my servlet to work would be GREATLY appreciated.