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Thread: Images not displaying?

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    Images not displaying?

    Evening all,

    Ok i know there has been a couple posts on this ive gone through and they dont seem to apply to my problem so here goes.

    Im working on my website and have a new header image for the new site etc. Thing is i just cant get it to display, works fine on my laptop which isnt connected to the net but when i upload the files the header dont display the folders and urls seem ok now my forehead hurts!!

    anyway the link for the page is www.hayle.co.uk/newhayle.html

    any ideas would be great

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    What is the name of the image that isn't showing? I can see historyheader.jpg & 01.jpg just fine...although the historyheader one is sitting on top of one of your paragraphs.
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    the header image dont show to me ... not sure what you mean about over a paragraph either ?

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    The header shows for me too.
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    I'm thinking that there is a caching issue on Stevieho's end. Try a forced refresh (ctrl+F5).
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    Yeah looks like my side thanks for helpin tho that firefox image looks abit worrying tho ?!

    I do have another question new on the brain this morning. when i right click go properties on a page the box the text / image is contained in shrinks to nothing.

    for example


    right click the image (yes i know there isnt one there yet) and go properties everything goes dumb

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    here is something notable...

    HTML Code:
    <div class="menubutton" onmouseover="drop_down_show('all_titles','');" onmouseout="drop_down_hide_delay('all_titles','');">
    <ul class="dropdown" id="events">
    <img border="0" width="201" height="31" id="navigation_all_titles"/>
    <ul class="dropdown" id="all_titles">
    Notice the line: <.img border="0" width="201" height="31" id="navigation_all_titles"/>. You need to specify a "src=" value.

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    spot on thanks alot

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