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Thread: Determine connection type

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    Determine connection type


    I would like to know: is it possible te determine the connection type of a web page visitor?

    I have a mobile phone, with which I can access the internet. I'm sure I'm not the only one
    Now I would like to be able to check in my page if the viewer is using a "normal" internet connection, or through a phone or pda or whatever small-screen device exists. Based on that information, I want to direct those viewers to a dedicated small-screen layout of the information on my page. Smaller images, narrower page layout, etc.

    But that all depends on the ability to check the connection type, as I call it.
    Any ideas?

    -t- Tom Jacobs

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    No but CSS has the ability to display the page based on the media type. It's called "media".

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    you can use php/javascript to determnie the resolution of the screen.

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