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    Type of question to ask...

    Hi, I'm currently working on a web application in my internship project. The application will be able to display the information that user wanted, by typing the information in the textbox and it will search in the database. But i still do not have any progress after two wks, i still haben draw out my conceptual design and story board. And I do not know what kind question to ask my supervisor regarding the system. Some please give me some idea of question to ask... bcos i really can think out of any even i have blend my brain juice...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobita_87
    Hi, I'm currently working on a web application in my internship project.
    By that I assume you know something about how to build a web page.

    So start by building 2 web pages, one that the user will use to enter data and one that will be returned filled in with a typical example of the database information.

    Then read up on PHP. It's a relatively simple task, once you have those 2 pages designed, to get them to interact with a PHP database. (or ASP if you are on a Micro$ server - the database here is a little more tricky)

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