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Thread: Making a color image go Grayscale

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    Question Making a color image go Grayscale

    I have created numerous images for my website which contains a gallery page. The thumbnail images have been created in Color and Grayscale versions with a mouseover toggle to make the gray image display in color when it is pointed at. Is there some code that I can put in that will do this using only one image?

    I need to have a way to add or remove images from the gallery quickly and easily without too much coding involved (I'm an artist and by no means a web designer).

    Anyone know how to do this?

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    Are you using Photoshop? If so there is a way to do it with the accompanying Image Ready program.


    I think that shows how to do it.

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    Or you can do it with CSS. Basically, you paste the images together so that the top half of the composite image is the color version and the bottom is the B&W, and then use CSS to specify which part of the whole to display in each state.


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