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    Exclamation Information schema

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    can you please explain to me the following
    Because the database also stores all the data of the database itself, each database has a number of system tables. Each new database is created following the Model database model. The Master database keeps track of information about the other databases. In the Master database you will find views with names starting with INFORMATIOM_SCHEMA.
    Use the system tables to create a new view that will display the column names and the associated data type for each table. (s)
    Show every table in your scheme.
    can you give me an example?
    and what columns i need to create?
    how can i create view?
    and under what topic i can find this in book online?
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    There is no example really. If you look at the tables inside information_schema, you'll notice that it has listings for all the database objects.

    I'm really not sure what you want to do, to be honest.
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