I am hoping that maybe somebody out there can help.
I have been trying to get my movies on my web site to not play until the buffering is complete or at least 90% complete.
I have been to some web sites which do it and looked at their code, cut it pasted it to my site and it still dosen't work.
An example of one code which I have tried.

<object classid="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" codebase="http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=6,4,7,1112" id="wmp" type="application/x-oleobject" width="333" height="320" standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...">
<param NAME="AudioStream" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="AutoSize" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="AutoStart" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="AnimationAtStart" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="AllowScan" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="AllowChangeDisplaySize" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="AutoRewind" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="Balance" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="BufferingTime" VALUE="30">
<param NAME="ClickToPlay" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="CursorType" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="DisplayBackColor" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="DisplayForeColor" VALUE="16777215">
<param NAME="DisplayMode" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="DisplaySize" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="Enabled" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="EnableContextMenu" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="EnablePositionControls" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="EnableFullScreenControls" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="EnableTracker" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="InvokeURLs" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="Language" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="Mute" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="PlayCount" VALUE="1">
<param NAME="PreviewMode" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="Rate" VALUE="1">
<param NAME="SAMILang" VALUE>
<param NAME="SAMIStyle" VALUE>
<param NAME="SAMIFileName" VALUE>
<param NAME="SelectionStart" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="SelectionEnd" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="SendOpenStateChangeEvents" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="SendWarningEvents" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="SendErrorEvents" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="SendKeyboardEvents" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="SendMouseClickEvents" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="SendMouseMoveEvents" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="SendPlayStateChangeEvents" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="ShowCaptioning" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="ShowControls" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="ShowAudioControls" VALUE="-1">
<param NAME="ShowDisplay" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="ShowGotoBar" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="ShowPositionControls" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE="1">
<param NAME="ShowTracker" VALUE="1">
<param NAME="TransparentAtStart" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="VideoBorderWidth" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="VideoBorderColor" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="VideoBorder3D" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="Volume" VALUE="1">
<param NAME="WindowlessVideo" VALUE="0">
<param NAME="Filename" VALUE="http://media2.guzer.com/videos/dead_deer_prank.wmv">

<embed TYPE="video/x-ms-asf-plugin" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/" SRC="http://media2.guzer.com/videos/dead_deer_prank.wmv" name="wmp" SHOWCONTROLS="1" EnableContextMenu="0" SHOWDISPLAY="0" SHOWTRACKER="0" SHOWPOSITIONCONTROLS="0" SHOWSTATUSBAR="0" autosize="1" autostart="1" width="330" height="320" displaybackcolor="black">
(I know I don't need a lot of this but not sure what to cut and what to keep)

The only difference to mine I could see is my file name is not a url link.So I hosted my movie (mpg) with a free video hosting site and still no luck.I could not even get it to play????

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated,
Thanking you for your time