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    copy table

    if i want to copy a table into totaly new table(that not created yet)

    if i use the followin statement
    create table studentcopy select * from student
    i receive that there is error near 'select'

    if i want use the following statement

    insert into table studentcopy select * from student
    in this case i got error that studentcopy table doesnot exist

    i use MS SQL

    how can i copy table to new table

    if it is not possible and i have to create empty table first before
    copying the content from the other table, then how can i return the structure of the original table to creat same table exactly
    (mean how can i get the info of how the student table is created using qury)


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    If your using SQLServer 2000 then you could use the DTS you could select your source database then select the same database for its destination. When importing a copy of your table, you must rename it...

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