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Thread: synchronized scroll frames

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    synchronized scroll frames

    I am trying to figure out how to synchronize the vertical scrolling of two different frames of different height. Everything that I have found or have been able to code myself only works correctly when the frames are both the same size. Basically, I have a right and left frame. The right frame size is dynamic but is usually about 4 times the height of the left frame. I need to make the right frame scroll faster so that when the bottom of the left frame is reached, the bottom of the right frame is also reached. When I get to the top, middle, or bottm of the left frame I also want to be at the top, middle, or bottom of the right frame.

    I've tried to calculate the frame sizes then divide the larger one by the smaller one and multiply the scroll speed of the larger frame by the quotient but this does not seem to work, even if one frame is exactly two or three times larger than the other.

    Any ideas?

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