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Elemental's Drumbeat 2.0, Part 2

By Scott Clark Drumbeat works smart with SmartElements! SmartElements are "aware" of exactly how they can interact with each other--even going as far as knowing how to react in specific browser versions. Drumbeat automatically generates the code for the browser you previously specified, based on where the SmartElements are located on the page and what interactions you have chosen. When you use SmartElements, Drumbeat generates a pop-up list which shows the possible interactions among those elements. A developer clicks on the elements on the layout page, then simply chooses an interaction from the pop-up list. Drumbeat 2.0 includes many possible interactions, including:
  • DHTML filters and transition effects
  • media controllers and players
  • form validations
  • CSS style modifications
  • DHTML fly-ins
  • record set navigation
One of the slickest features of Drumbeat is the use of Master Templates. This mechanism enables developers to develop the consistent areas of their site that are used on every page. These could include logos, margins, space before or after other elements, and other such features. Once defined, the elements show up on any page within the project, saving time and effort. Elemental is calling Drumbeat a WYSIWYG development tool, and I must say that it truly is "what you see is what you get." Not only can you drag-and-size text areas and tabled content, but you can even drag-and-size images that are on the page! If a page element doesn't look correct, just drag it into a more suitable size or shape and Drumbeat generates the appropriate code to make it work! [Move on to the next page of the article]

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