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Software Review:Astound Dynamite

By Scott Clark Buttons, Bells and Whistles (See figure 2)check out our example
Dynamite's Path tool
Figure 2: Dynamite's Path tool enables the developer to create DHTML animations.
Each HTML object can be presented using a transition (wipe, cover, uncover, circle in, circle out, etc), and each object can have an interaction with other objects. Each object may also include mouse-related effects, such as mouse-over or click, and a sound may be related to the object. Besides the ability to create cool animations, Dynamite features several other instant effects which can come in handy. It will create the JavaScript necessary for mouse roll-overs, and it will even create the raised, lowered and greyed out images from your original image. It can also rotate and shrink animated GIFs, and includes a graphic utility (See figure 3) which will enable you to add many different graphic effects including:
  • Barrel
  • Bevel
  • Diffuse
  • Emboss
  • Gray Scale
  • Melt
  • Ripple

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