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HTML Tutor - Getting Started

By Michael Hayman
This article first appeared June 1, 1999.

Having trouble setting up your Web page just the way you want it? You've come to the right place. This tutorial's been set up with the aim of helping out people who want to put up a page, but have no clue how to go about doing it. It will cover the basic tags and their usage.

Before getting your hands dirty, familiarize yourself with a few key concepts. Firstly, HTML works by applying tags to text and page elements, so that the browser can understand how to render the page correctly. These tags appear thus:


You'll also need to know the file referencing scheme used in HTML. You can either link to files relatively:


The above means to go back one directory relative to the current document, and use the file index.html.


The above means to use the file, index.html in the root directory.

or you can link to files absolutely:


The above uses the HTTP protocol to reference a URL on the World Wide Web. This method is most commonly used for external linking to other sites.

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