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JavaScript for the Holidays Part V

by Heidi Brumbaugh

You could just fold everything together with:

<A HREF="if (ValidateFields()) javascript:document.Test.submit()">

Alternately, you could submit the form inside the ValidateFields() routine.

Form Field Example Rings False

And speaking of form field verification, an alert reader has caught a bug in my form verification example . I hate that.

Heidi, I have enjoyed your Javascript tutorials on www.webdeveloper.com, but I have a problem with the section: Client-Side Form Verification with JavaScript I have tested this script using Netscape 3.0 & IE 4.0, and both have the same problem. If you enter incorrect information in the form fields and submit the data, the script WILL generate the instructed dialog box BUT the form data will submit anyway. My understanding of the valid = 0 statement is that if the data is not valid, the dialog box would open and the user would be returned to the form...

Am I missing something here???

Joel Oelfke

No, I'm missing something. I made the mistake of assuming that 0 can be used to mean false in JavaScript, as it can in Basic, C, and other scripting languages. It turns out that, no,

return 0


if (valid) return true; else return false

and the example works.

Happy Holidays!

Heidi Brumbaugh has been a writer and editor in the computer publishing industry for ten years. She is currently making the transition to publishing on the Internet, a pursuit ranging from content development to JavaScript programming. Like everyone else with a modem, she is trying to figure out how to strike gold on the Web, or at the very least, support her surfing habit. Feel free to visit her home page.
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