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How to...

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Asking yourself "How do I...?"
This is the place to find the answers.


  • How do I get started with HTML?
  • How do I use frames in a Web page?
  • How do I use Cascading Style Sheets
  • How do I use XML
  • How do I use advanced frame techniques?
  • How do I create image maps?
  • How do I use magic cookies?
  • How do I use tables for more than eating?
  • How do I update two frames with one link?
  • How do I know if I am alienating users by using tables?
  • How do I include a subject in a mailto tag?
  • How do I make the data from a form readable using a mailto action?
  • How do I open a new browser window with an A HREF tag?
  • How do I display a series of pages automatically one after another at a fixed time interval?
  • How do I replace a framed page with an unframed page using a hyperlink?


  • How do I get started in Java?
  • How do I use a Java applet in a Web page?
  • How do I use Java with CGI?
  • How do I prevent people from stealing my applets?
  • How do I read and write files using Java?
  • How do I write my own servlets?
  • How do I decide whether to use Java or not?
  • What is the difference between an applet and an application?
  • What are the security limitations of a Java applet in a Web browser?


  • How do I use Shockwave?
  • How do I design for performance?
  • How do I create animations for my pages?
  • How do I know which colors to use?
  • Even more design/graphics questions and answers.


  • How do I produce streaming audio?
  • How do I put video on my Web site?
  • ...even more multimedia questions and answers.

    Servers and Server Tools

  • How do I create Dynamic Documents with IIS?
  • How do I "tune" my server for performance?
  • How do I control server access with an htaccess file?


  • How do I map my entire network with VRML?
  • How do I get started with VRML?

    Site Management

  • How do I Benchmark Server Performance?
  • How do I meet impossible deadlines?
  • How do I analyze log files?
  • How can I tell how much bandwidth my users will take up?


  • How can I search and publish the contents of internal newsgroups to our intranet?


  • How do I learn Javascript quickly and easily?
  • How do I handle browser plugins almost transparently to the user?
  • How do I optimize my pages for each user?
  • How do I use JavaScript with cookies?
  • How do I combine two JS events to be triggered by a single onLoad statement?
  • How do I make the status bar of the browser show text that I choose when a user passes their mouse over a link?
  • How do I load an image but not display it? Then when a user clicks on something the pre-loaded image is made visible?
  • How do I avoid error messages when I'm using document.write() with quotes inside the text that's to be written?
  • How do I close a browser window?
  • How can I create a drop down list where a user can choose a page, and, after he has choosen from the drop down list, he is automatically taken to the page chosen from the list?


  • How can I customize my site for each user?
  • How can I use CGI to help manage my site?
  • How do I send form data to an email address?
  • How do I use magic cookies with CGI?
  • How do I optimize headers for CGI?

  • HTML5 Development Center

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