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Software Review:
Maximized Software
FlashStats 1.3

By Scott Clark

The log files that your Web server generates from each visitor can show you what you’re doing right---and what you’re doing wrong. It can tell you if you’ve been making the right design choices, and where your visitors are coming from. It can even tell you which words they’re looking up in the search engines before they find your site. Sound interesting? Read on...

Maximized Software

Product: FlashStats 1.3
Price: $99 per operating system
Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows 95/NT, Macintosh, Solaris, BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, Digital UNIX and SCO

It always helps to know a bit about the company which produced the software, so that’s where we’ll start in this review.

Maximized Software was founded in 1994 by Ken Spreitzer, author of the original UnInstaller. Maximized has been working on software which helps to solve the problems faced by Web administrators and Webmasters who are operating and maintaining complex Web sites.

Besides the FlashStats product, they have several others Web tools, including Image Guardian 1.3, which protects your Web images from being stolen and used on someone else’s sites, and WebReferee 1.2, which protects you from having your applets and/or Web content stolen by would-be thieves. Those products will have to wait for another review, but FlashStats is definitely worth more than a second glance.

Move on to the next part of the review.

This article first appeared in November, 1997.

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