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Software Review:
NetTracker 3.0

Sane Solutions Part 3

By Scott Clark

Reports, reports, and then, more reports...

One of the features that stands out with NetTracker is its ability to track banner ad impressions and click-throughs. This feature will mean that it is no longer necessary to purchase software specifically for tracking banner ads. Large Web sites with multiple banner ads will appreciate this feature for its simplicity. Setting up an ad to be tracked is as simple as clicking on the options button and selecting the "ads" link from the left frame of the NetTracker browser window (See Figure 2). You just type in a description of the ad, the path to the ad graphic and the URL, and your work is done!

NetTracker Adtracker
Figure 2: The NetTracker AdTracker

Another feature which stands out is NetTracaker's ability to generate a report identifying users who have logged into your site using a user name and password. The sheer variety of reports which are available is representative of the diverse needs of log site analysis software users. NetTracker features 19 standard summary reports including:

  • Executive
  • Host
  • Domain
  • Page
  • Path
  • Referrer
  • Error
  • Platform
  • Date
  • Day of the Week
  • Time
  • Visit
  • Ad
  • Entry Page
  • Exit Page
  • User
  • Keyword
  • Robot/Spider
NetTracker can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, provided the user has the required password and login name. This can come in very handy during those conference meetings where your leading sales person is trying to show the prospective client the statistics of your Web site. What's more impressive than just sitting down to a Web browser and firing up the log analysis tool right there on the spot? Although this feature is not unique to NetTracker, it is none-the-less very useful.

Of course this isn't the tool for everyone who has a Web site. It's a bit expensive for those who are simply running a small 5 or 10 page Web site…FlashStats, at $99, would probably be just the ticket for such a site. However, if you've got a site with multiple banner ads, mega pages, perhaps even several sites, then you may want to call in the troops, which in this case would be NetTracker Enterprise at $995. This will enable you to create custom log reports for up to five Web sites, using graphs, or any of 19 different pre-made reports. You can store the info in a database, and you can even access old reports to compare them with more recent ones. This is professional software for those whom the Web is a serious business. Seriously…

This article first appeared in December, 1997.

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