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Visio Professional 5.0, Part 2

By Scott Clark SmartShapes for Every Occasion! This versatile tool now includes 22 new Web Diagram shapes (See Figure 1) that can be used in your Web diagram.
Visio Professional 5.0's Web Diagram shapes
Figure 1 Visio Professional 5.0's Web Diagram shapes
Additionally, Visio Pro includes over 2600 "SmartShapes" symbols, including:
  • 43 shapes for diagramming databases
  • 22 shapes for creating diagrams for the World Wide Web
  • 931 shapes for creating detailed network diagrams
  • 310 shapes for documenting and diagramming software programs
  • 99 shapes for creating block diagrams
  • 248 shapes for creating a variety of standard business charts and diagrams
  • 343 shapes for creating Total Quality Management drawings, mind maps, and more
  • 343 shapes for creating geographic and directional maps
  • 84 shapes for creating basic network diagrams
  • 233 SmartShapes symbols for adding borders, symbols, and other custom touches
Using Visio Professional 5.0, the developer can create a diagram of the upcoming Web site to use as a guide in the development process. If you've ever used any WYSIWYG design or graphics tools, you won't have any problems getting used to Visio. [Move on to the next part of the article]

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