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Do It!

Flash Your Real SMIL
Perhaps as a kid he liked those universal glues that claimed to bond anything to anything (we'll have to ask his Mom), or maybe he's just an unrepentant problem solver. Either way we win again as Tim Kennedy shows us how to combine Flash and RealG2 with his universal streaming media cement: SMIL.


'Wimpy' Streaming Media Tools
Adding multimedia to a Web site can make it more attractive and appealing to your visitors but the process can be difficult, even if you know what you're doing. Fortunately, there are other options, such as Wimpy, which is easy to install and use.

LiveMotion Won't Lose Your Layers
Adobe says you can have your layers and Flash 'em, too. In addition to its Photoshop and Illustrator based graphics creation tools, LiveMotion can import animation layers created in either package as independent objects and output the results to GIF, JPEG, or Flash.

Streaming Audio Without Plugins
The problem: You take the time to have streaming audio on your site, only to find out that no one has the right plugins. The solution: Use AudioCentric, a free Java applet that plays streaming audio files without plugins!

Understanding Streaming Media

How to Stream RealAudio Without a RealAudio Server

Multimedia Web 1997 Articles

Multimedia Web 1996 Articles

What Affects Multimedia Delivery Speed?

Real-Time Audio: Hi-Fi, it Ain't

WDVL: Creating Web Video & SMIL

Free and Shareware Music Tools

Cross-Platform Multimedia Tools

What can happen to you if you don't license multimedia legally...

Kohn on Music Licensing

Get a free RealAudio encoder here...

...and the free RealAudio Helix Server — Basic here!

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