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Software Review: Director 7 Shockwave Internet Studio

The first thing you have to do is decide whether or not to install the whole gamut of software that comes with Director 7. Software includes:
  • Director 7 - allows you to integrate, control, and deliver media created from the Studio's content creation tools
  • Shockwave 7 - you can view Director content on the Internet
  • Fireworks (original version) - create graphics in a robust design and production environment
  • Sound editors - BIAS Peak LE (Macintosh) or Sonic Foundry's SoundForge XP (Windows) to create and edit sound for use in Director
  • New behavior libraries - create interactivity in Director
  • Multi-user server - serve multi-user experiences and multi-player games on the Internet
So you've installed the whole package, and you're ready to start "directing." You fire up the program, and sit back, ready to impress your friends and colleagues with the latest mind-blowing effects on the company Web site. Hmmm...there sure are a lot of controls for the Director 7 program. After playing around for an hour, you're no closer to operating the program than you were when you installed it. Time to consult the manual. Yes, folks, this is one of those programs where you will undoubtedly save yourself time and effort by actually breaking open the manual! Luckily for Director 7 users, there is a large Users Manual which accompanies the software. Actually there are three manuals included: Using Director, Using Fireworks (I thought you just light the fuse) and a Lingo Dictionary (Lingo is Director's scripting language). These are in addition to the online documentation, which is a nice break from all those companies that believe a developer wants to read their 200-plus page manual online. [ Click here to move to the next part of the article ]
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