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Controlling Layout in Ajax Web Applications Using the GWT and Java
Learn how to control the layout of a GWT Ajax web application using HTML layout capabilities, the capabilities of the layout classes in the GWT API, and a combination of the two. Also learn more essential aspects of the creation and deployment of GWT Ajax web applications.

Radio Button ASP.NET Sample Code
Hot on the heels of last week's Checkbox sample, this week, we're covering the checkbox's closest relative: the radio button. This sample code illustrates a number of different ways to use both the HTML radio input type and the RadioButton control from ASP.NET.

Examining ASP.NET 2.0's Membership, Roles, and Profile: Part 1
In this article series we will be examining the ins and outs of ASP.NET 2.0's membership, roles, and pofile systems and the various security Web controls. This particular article will examine the basics of membership with a look at configuring and using the built-in SqlMembershipProvider. As we will see, this particular provider stores user account information in a pre-defined database schema.

Using Visual Studio .NET Wizards to Create an N-Tiered Application: Part 3
Using Visual Studio .NET Wizards to Create an N-Tiered Application: Part 3 This article is the third part of David Catherman's series on using Visual Studio .NET Wizards to create N-tiered applications. Part three looks more intently into what can be done in the DataSet Partial Class to build a Business Logic layer and also covers using Macros to help generate some of the Data Access code.

Taming the ASP.NET Validation Summary Control
One of the most useful ASP.NET validation controls is the ValidationSummary control. While this control can be quite helpful, if can also confuse users by causing multiple error messages to appear when used in conjunction with custom error messages. This article outlines a simple technique that can help simplify things with just a few lines of code.

Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET. Part 2
This week, you're going to learn about some key mechanisms of an ASP.NET page, including Page Structure, View State, Namespaces and Directives. As this section unfolds, you'll learn about the differences and similarities between VB.NET and C#. By SitePoint.

Paged Database Search ASP.NET Sample Code
Here's a version of our paged database search script implemented in ASP.NET. It takes some text input from a user, queries a database for records that match the entered text, and displays the results in a datagrid that the user can page through.

Creating a Web Custom Control
Learn how to build a Web custom control that displays checkboxes in a categorized, hierarchical view.

Phone Number to Text Phrase ASP Script
Here's a fun little script that will print out every possible word that your phone number might spell. While I didn't get anything as cool as GoFedEx or PickUPS, I did find out that my number spells the gems JUXXEMS, KTYYENS, and LUXYDOS.

Directory List (Sorted) ASP.NET Sample Code
ASP.NET's file system processing is much more advanced then what was available in classic ASP. Despite all the improvements (including an easy way to filter your results), for some reason, there's still no built-in way to sort the resulting file list...until now.

Wireless Home Automation Using .NET and X10
Learn how to use .NET to communicate with the X10 Firecracker Home Automation System through a PC's serial port. Then build a mobile Web form to access all X10-enabled appliances from a wireless device.

Import Files with Date-stamped Filenames or Paths
The ActiveX feature of DTS gives us an added advantage in handling many situations. Follow along with MAK as he walks us through three of these situations.


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