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by Lee Underwood

Site Design

...is done by a very wonderful and overworked guy who would prefer to remain unnamed.

Hints to PR People

  • Please notice the huge editorial staff (not) and take a look at our content and news items. We don't ever print personnel change news (unless someone on the order of Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates has either joined or left your firm), information about new strategic partnerships (try the Internetnews.com business area), financial results (ditto), or new Web sites your client has designed. We are interested in new tools and technologies for Web developers and designers.
  • If you somehow have a fax number in your database for us, please delete it, since our fax is for company use only. Besides, it's a lot easier to read e-mail.
  • If you want to get a press release to us, e-mail is the best way to do it in a timely manner, since we do news on a daily basis and by the time we pick up your press release from the post office, it is old news and will end up on the bottom of an iguana enclosure. There are cheaper ways to recycle paper.
  • The above does not, of course, apply for advance press releases, NDAs, or product reviews. Please contact Lee Underwood directly for all those.


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